Googain/MaxReal 2018 Annual Year End Party


What a sensational party! We had a wonderful time celebrating the end of the year with good food and wine shared with our family and friends.


2018 was a record year for our real estate business and challenging year for our mortgage business as whole mortgage industry has experienced.

MaxReal real estate business had a record year again in production, beat last year, which was also our record year. Congratulations to our real estate agents who had a great year again!

For our mortgage business, Googain overcomes the challenge of rising interest and competition from big retail banks by providing more products and services to our agents and clients! We added jumbo loan underwriting delegation for major banks and dramatically improved our rate and turn time.

We expanded our products offering from prime to non-prime credit borrowers, from US citizens, permanent residents, non-permanent residents such as OPT EAD to foreign nationals, from full income doc to alternative income doc such as bank statement, WVOE and financial statement and to no doc for income documentation, from 1-4 units to multiple units and commercial properties, from non-warrantable condos, condos with litigations to new construction condos. From residential, commercial to construction loans we all can help our buyers/borrowers to get a solution they are looking for.

Looking forward to the new year 2019!


This year’s party was held at the elegant Dynasty Seafood Restaurant. We decorated the entire venue especially for our agents, staff, and guests to enjoy.



We had a special area set up for everyone to take memorable photos with friends and family. The props enhanced everybody’s good cheer! Dinnertime was also a great opportunity to mingle and create more memorable photos together.

Live band

Musical entertainment for the evening was provided by special guests Silicon Valley Band, who performed classic Christmas favorites and pop hits throughout the whole event._1DX0003

Office cheers

Go Googain/MaxReal! Our various branch offices performed cheers to show each office’s pride and energy.

Agent & staff appreciation

So many wonderful agents received awards and applause for their hard work this year. Most of the agents spoke warmly about their experiences working with Shawn, Rebecca, and the rest of the Googain/MaxReal family. Many of them shared their special stories about their personal business growth and success with the company this past year. We also made sure to recognize the hard work and ongoing support from some of our beloved staff members.

Branch office song/dance performances

Best part of the evening! Every branch office produced special song and dance performances that they prepared just for the event.

Thank you to all of our agents, staff, and guests for attending our annual year end party! We hope to see you again next year!

IMG_9474Merry Christmas