Recently, I had a conversation with a very concerned gentleman regarding mortgage refinance solicitations from “Googain”. He was quite upset that he had received a number of written requests from Googain inviting him to refinance his mortgage loan. Unfortunately, this gentleman responded to one of those solicitations and, as soon as he had started the process and a credit report pulled, his information was sold and was contacted by many other solicitations from “Googain” to refinance his mortgage.

Needless to say Googain did not solicit this gentleman at all. All of this was coming from various groups that search the public records to send out solicitations to people under the guise of it coming from Googain. These solicitations cannot be stopped as a mortgage loan is recorded with the county and it is public information. It is available to any and all.

These unscrupulous actors will print envelopes and other documentation that make it appear that Googain is contacting them. While Googain cannot stop the actions of these independent parties, Googain’s customers need to be made aware of this tactic. The key is educating the consumer.

Sadly for the gentleman who contacted me last week, there is not a happy ending to the story, at least not yet. The group that he thought was us and that he authorized to start a refinance transaction, instead sold his information to various marketing groups and he is now getting many more solicitations, most of whom reference “Googain” and made to look as if we are soliciting them. Further complicating matters, when the gentleman contacted the lender, they represented that they were associated with us and they are not. I referred him on to the state website for him to file a formal complaint, however, that will be along process for him. Sadly, there is nothing that we can do to assist him more at this point.

Please take the time to notify and warn your customers about these bad actors. While we cannot stop them, at the very least, we can warn our borrowers about this situation.